Monday, March 19, 2012


As I was thinking “Life Vichitra si hoti ja rahi hai”, I was about to a point to think that life is changing. My mind is in a constant phase of thought rush. Thoughts are changing and changing fast. I am in this Great City of Delhi. Before coming to this city , I was sure that I was going to experience many flavors (as I like to say so) during my stay here and I was right, I am still counting. This city has an attraction of its kind. It will treat you the way you want to be treated like. I wanted to be happy and feel good about it. And the vibes from this city has taken me to a different domain of my being. I have started to feel happiness in everything I experience.  Be it Moonlit Square(chandni chowk) from the walled city , the plush malls of Gurgaon, crowded metro, empty metro,being alone and lost or with a company of many, I feel good about it. This city has taught me a lesson. Once discontented by the change now I know nothing is unchanging.  And I now realize the real meaning of Buddha's philosophy. “Change,change,change”. That is, it is only a change that can change a change which just took place. The whole point may seem irrational but if we know this, we experience a sense of satisfaction. There is no content stronger than the content of knowing something”.
The change is all around. The change becomes the background, the contrast, and you are relaxed "THROUGH CHANGE CONSUME CHANGE."

And with this I found a new philosophy of my life “Wanna be happy? Be.!”

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