Thursday, December 1, 2011

Flavours of Life!!

When I look at people, what do I see? I see a multi-layered pudding pie with many layers, made up of different flavors.Yes you got it right. But why?? Well you are about to know about it very soon. And trust me! No two people are made up of same set of flavors.
I feel that every layer is different with different texture, different color and obviously the different taste. And on the top of all this there is the most "beautiful" part, the most celebrated thing THE ICING.Well of course It is what that will make you wanna taste it. And hence no wonder why we all work so hard to get our icings right, isn't it??. Who doesn't want to be tasted or at least be admired never the less. 

We come across many people in our life.Some of 'em will like the icing you presented to them and may wanna take a bite, but not everyone would be "lucky" enough to taste you. The worst part is most people would just pass by. You will be just another "pudding pie" to them showcased in a grand bakery called WORLD.
Of all the people who tastes you, most of them would  just  poke their finger and 'll lick it with their tongue, they would never know your real taste.They might judge you on the basis  that and you just can not help. Well this is how things work in over here my friend. Only the few would grab a spoon and scoop in whole lot of slice of you, they will eat the icing first well of course, and then they 'll very carefully pin point the layers they like the most and leave aside the rest just like that.
Count yourself lucky if you have found someone in your life who wants to taste each and every layer in you. You are one lucky chap to find people in life who want to eat through each and every flavor in deep inside. The flavors even you don’t know you are made up of. If a person eats through each flavor one by one relishing every bit of it, with mouth watering every time, then I can very confidently say that they love you truly. You mean a world to them. 

And the same things work the other way round too.You might not like the icings of people you meet everyday for the first instance. But grab a spoon, taste it and you might like it! There is a pudding lying somewhere in the world, made up of all the flavors you like. All you need is a bit of luck and some courage to look beyond the icing on the top!
Good Luck!! :)
“Everything in excess! To enjoy the flavor of life, take big bites. Moderation is for monks.”

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