Thursday, December 1, 2011

My College Life

College life
It’s fun,
It’s crazy,
It’s Awesome.
We all make new friends
And Memories with them
To cherish till the life ends.

Was boring as ever.
While bunking classes,
We all stood together
Those passing comments,
Gossiping in classes,
And pulling the legs.
Copying those assignments
Wasn’t it fun??

My first Crush,
And the Adrenalin Rush..
Chatting, Planning and Texting,
And those phone tring trings..
Hanging out at Gm
Gheries in University,
eating at Nescafe,
And asking friends to pay
Those curious moments
Those were crazy.

Last night Studies
Notes and Xerox Copies
Writing on desk before the exam
Made it all too easy.
Late Night masti
Those birthday Bumps
Those last movie shows
And those Combos at Dominos
Every moment lived was just awesome.

It was not fun all the time though
Yes there were some tight situations and some low
Those Serious moments
We Stood for each other
And saw each other through
This College life
May be was not perfect
But truly I am a better person now
I will miss anything for the first time in my life,
I avow!!

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