Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dream it was

A dream it was I guess;
A Dream it must have been.
I woke up at the knock of it,
I opened the door, saw a sacred scene.
I saw a seraph in front of me.
A cool breeze of morning shook me,
With last night rain’s scent,
And the birds were singing to the moment.
Her eyes were bright,
Everything looked right.
A smile so amiable,
Her fingers were tender and feeble.
Her lips were red, 
Her windblown locks,
And those words unsaid.
She brought me a bunch of crimson Roses.
The beauty of moment was beyond all poems and proses.
Scent of those roses filled my room,
And my senses blew, seeing her face bloom.
Her sallow bare feet were mud stained,
Foot imprint of her, on floor remained.

But When I woke up,
There was no one in room,
It seemed to me a place forlorn.
But the scent of roses was still there,
And the mud still kissed the floor.
It felt like something never before.
There was an ambiance so pure and clean,
A dream it was I guess,
A Dream it must have been.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

That Extra Mile

Since past few months I have been through a lot of low patches. Be it flunking in my much ‘yearned’ for MBA entrance exams or be it my lone call from a B-School I was not able to convert. I have tried a lot to find out what went wrong in the first place. After a lot of introspection and musing I think I have demystified the real mystery behind all the failures we experience even after having all the ingredients required to make it large. The first thing which we all need is the guts to dream big. Well I feel most of us do dream big at some point of time but in the end settle for moderate. But real catch is whether we have the guts to just not let us settle for the moderate. Well now when I introspect I find out that yes I had those guts and still do. But then what went wrong??
Well when we dream big. Those big dreams give us happiness. Even the thought of that drive us, motivate us. But I think that is where the tricky situation starts. The trick is that happiness is something that is absolute but with a varying degree. Even if you experience lesser happiness you still are happy. We just forget that it was just a trailer, “Picture toh  baki thi “
We all know that taste of actual success is much sweeter than the smell of it which we do when we dream about it. But the problem is we waste so much time dreaming about it and we get so contented smelling the success that we start losing our killer instinct to follow our dreams and actually taste that success. We get so busy planning what we are going to do after reaching the summit that we forget how steep the actual path is. The mere sight of the tip of the mountain is just not enough if you dream to be at the top of that mountain. So even after having all the skills required to make it to a B-School viz-, ‘Aptitude’ &’Attitude’, I think I missed upon the killer instinct to just walk ‘THAT EXTRA MILE’ from the place where the tip of the mountain was just visible, that mile which makes all the difference. The killer instinct that makes you slog in those final overs or run that final lap harder.

Monday, March 19, 2012


As I was thinking “Life Vichitra si hoti ja rahi hai”, I was about to a point to think that life is changing. My mind is in a constant phase of thought rush. Thoughts are changing and changing fast. I am in this Great City of Delhi. Before coming to this city , I was sure that I was going to experience many flavors (as I like to say so) during my stay here and I was right, I am still counting. This city has an attraction of its kind. It will treat you the way you want to be treated like. I wanted to be happy and feel good about it. And the vibes from this city has taken me to a different domain of my being. I have started to feel happiness in everything I experience.  Be it Moonlit Square(chandni chowk) from the walled city , the plush malls of Gurgaon, crowded metro, empty metro,being alone and lost or with a company of many, I feel good about it. This city has taught me a lesson. Once discontented by the change now I know nothing is unchanging.  And I now realize the real meaning of Buddha's philosophy. “Change,change,change”. That is, it is only a change that can change a change which just took place. The whole point may seem irrational but if we know this, we experience a sense of satisfaction. There is no content stronger than the content of knowing something”.
The change is all around. The change becomes the background, the contrast, and you are relaxed "THROUGH CHANGE CONSUME CHANGE."

And with this I found a new philosophy of my life “Wanna be happy? Be.!”