Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Here I am sitting Alone

Here i am sittin alone.
And there are lots of thoughts to ponder upon
There is lot of restlessness
As if life is missing some kind of finesse
Between all the musing and reflection
I feel all I need is some meaningful action
All i wonder at the end of the day,
Is every thing under control and gay?

Here i am sittin alone,
And these thoughts are here like a stumbling stone
I am Chewin my lips
Feelin numbness on my finger tips
I want a sleepy sleep
But a path to peaceful slumber seems very steep
WHY am i not able to feel that completeness?
What is all i need to fill up this hollowness?
All the answers to these questions i wanna know
To bring some pace to my life Which has anyway become So slow....

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