Saturday, May 21, 2011

Being Single

“ Yaar apne naseeb ch ta pyar hi ni hai”(I don’t have love in my destiny), the most common(lamest) excuse given by us, for being single. Every (‘single’) person at some point of time, yearn for a partner (opposite sex), no matter how much he/she may claim to be happy being single. The most common reason, I have found out after lot of deliberations and analysis, for being single, is the fear of admitting ones feeling for others. Fear and weakness need not be the part of what we call love and carry in our heart “love”. The net load of love should feed our desire to become stronger and it should help us realize that we are lucky to have discovered such an euphoria, therefore let it circulate in our veins and have it as an inspiration to diverge in infinity if you can afford so.
Though I may not be the biggest follower of what I believe or say, for it is always easy to find impressive words when you are writing an essay than to say just a few simple words to express your feelings to others. I might not be the victim of any one sided love frustration, but I have always found myself unable to submit myself, to my feelings. And that’s what I feel is a reason for me being single. I am  lucky to have some great friends who are always there to save me from  all the emptiness and hollowness you are supposed to get into when you are not seeing someone. Life is a continuous battle with one self and ones fears and friends always help you do that. Feel yourself counted if you have such people in your life.
It’s hard, not to be frustrated by things that happen when you are trying to make things work with a new person in life(supposed to be your girlfriend/boyfriend in coming up days). At times, the decisions a person makes, or the events that occur don’t have any rhyme or reason. What one person sees as a valuable quality, someone else will see it as a fault. What some people see as attractive, others do not. Predicting what a person will say, or do is hard, and damn near impossible. While it’s easy to read the unspoken signs of nature of their action, the only tried and true method to dating success are the guidelines presented by many successful daters. Even then, success isn’t guaranteed. One guideline is to remain optimistic. It’s hard to keep up a sense of optimism when the crazy, unknown happenings of another person’s preferences and wishes intersect with your own. Optimism often turns into confusion when you’re rejected because of a minor detail, or when someone don’t respond to your advances.
The biggest boom to the people who want to get into a relationship but don’t have the guts to show up their feelings right away is ‘TEXTING’. Texting has become the new dating and even if you  don’t like it and have been rebelling against this new phenomenon as much as possible, you cannot deny the fact that texting is just not only for quick “Hello’s”, “I’m on my way” and “Have a good Day” type of communications, it can be used for planning of dates, discussing relationship issues and most importantly it gives an easy way out to know a new person without encountering early awkwardness. Texting surely help 'single' people afloat in the world seemingly full of happy couples you tend to envy.
Now after all the considerations and speculations about being single, we can safely say that it might not be a rocket science to get into a relationship, but  if you are just fine with your relationship status then there is nothing to panic. Everyone is destined to meet that someone special at some point of time. And for those  in an urgency to break the shackles of single-hood, knowing the perspective of the person you like is most important tool. Perspective is a powerful and important. It helps shape a person’s view of life, while providing an understanding to the feelings a person would have, based on life’s actions and events. To best understand another person, understand their perspective first.

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